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Creating lightbulb moments – unravelling the secrets to success of top performers in the accounting space, in Australia and beyond.

We speak to some of the best practitioners, aspiring young partners and service providers to the industry to discover what it takes to become a partner, how to successfully run a practice, what keeps partners awake at night and some of the latest trends, tips and tricks in the industry.

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Disrupting the Accounting Industry with a Fintech model – with Patrick Sargent

Starting out as a Graduate Accountant and eventually paving his way and co-founding his very own technology embracing accounting practice, our guest gives us more than a sneak peak of what his journey has been about, how he focused on utmost growth and scaling his space. His business aims to be big in innovation and challenge the traditional accounting models we currently have. 


Episode 16    |    1 hour and 45 mins

Episode 2

COVID has had a tremendous impact on accounting firm and practitioners over the last couple of months. Today we talk with the Directors of DMY – Mark Emney and Daniel Jones where we discuss:

  • Impact of COVID on firms and the level of M&A activity in the Accounting Firm space
  • How to prepare for a future sale and what you should do now – you’ll be surprised how long and when you should start
  • What buyers are looking for
  • How to maximise your valuations..

Episode 1

On this episode, we talk about all the things accountants could be doing better and where they’re going wrong.  Mistakes that are costing them huge potential increases in revenue, profits and lifestyle. 

Now, Rob Nixon is not an accountant. Yet he has forged a niche to be one of the world’s foremost authorities on how accounting firms can achieve peak performance and his clients on average see profit increases of 98.4% from revenue increases of only 20.8% while working fewer hours with simple tweaks in workflow and technology. 

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