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Best approach to selling and preparing your Accounting Firm for Sale – with Mark Emney and Daniel Jones

This webinar is here to unpack what crypto is all about (not just for criminals or a fad – blockchain is here to stay) – something accountants need to get a handle on as many of their clients will be holding it, but with little guidance and a lot of confusion.

According to analysis, 1 out of 4 Australians hold crypto assets and it’s going to increase exponentially in the next few years and currently, not many of us in the accounting industry are knowledgeable about the booming digital asset world- we are getting overwhelmed! But as it’s becoming a more popular source of wealth/income for all kinds of people nowadays, it’s something that we need to delve into to give proper advice to our clients in need. How do we account for crypto? Is it taxable? Today, we will try to bridge the gap and ensure that accountants walk away knowing what they should be looking for.

Our expert panel members today are: Danny Talwar of Koinly, Michael Bacina from Piper Alderman and Greg Valles of Valles Accountants

Here are the topics covered on this webinar:

  • How our 3 guests got involved in cryptocurrency
  • Why we should be paying attention to crypto now
  • Common misconceptions when it comes to crypto and blockchain
  • The concept of staking, coin wrapping and doxxing
  • Scams and criminalities – the problem with anonymity
  • Lay of the land when it comes to crypto & tax
  • Taxing digital assets (crypto coins, NFT, staking etc…) – income vs capital, CGT issues etc…
  • State of regulation right now, ATO Guidance & Board of Taxation Review
  • Tax Controversy and protecting your clients
  • Issues for Consumers, Accountants, Lawyers/Companies
  • What are the issues at the moment – volatility, not fit for purposes, people being stung twice by staking – what are the alternatives?
  • What are the various global approaches and how do they compare to Australia?
  • What do accountants actually need to know?
  • DAO’s
  • NFT’s, DAO’s, DEFI and all the other acronyms you see

Meet the Speakers

Danny Talwar: An experienced tax adviser, a crypto enthusiast with in-depth knowledge when it comes to the rapidly growing crypto taxation space. Koinly is a growing crypto tax tool and tracker for traders.

Danny got involved in crypto back in 2020 but in a professional context had already begun working with a lot of clients involved in crypto way before in the international tax space. He worked with a lot of multinationals and had a lot of opportunities to see the worth of digital assets for tax professionals.

Michael Bacina: Digital law & blockchain expert that’s passionate about the law and potential of blockchain, DeFi, NFT and digital currencies (central bank and private) and financial technology solutions. Michael is the head of the blockchain group in Piper Alderman lawyers and have been practicing exclusively in cryptocurrency for 7 years and have been helping educate people about transformative technology and crypto.

Greg Valles: A cutting edge accountant expert in Strategic Tax & Restructuring, Crypto Tax, and an active crypto investor and true believer in the future of public blockchains since 2015. Greg has been in the crypto scene since 2016, he went from the ATO to managing his own successful firm called Valles Accountants with a niche in advising clients in the digital assets and crypto space. 

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